Q&A with Hamideh Bitaraf, Hitachi
Q&A with Hamideh Bitaraf, PhD, Advisory and Power System Simulations Manager 

Employers in the industry can show their support for gender equality by having family friendly…

Jennifer Green: Passion, Dedication and Mentorship

Technology Research (PTR). As a nature lover and a traveler, she likes to see the role she plays as part of the energy transition that helps preserve the planet.

Finding Your Professional Path: Interview With Mingyao Gong

In an interview for Women in Power Systems, Mingyao Gong shares her inspiring personal story of a woman who found she didn’t like the career she had chosen, but managed to find her place in the industry.

Thriving in Diversity: Power Technology Research

In this WPS company profile, we look at how PTR has built equal opportunity into its company culture and how mutual support and collaboration bring benefits to employees, as well as better business results.

Nicolle Butcher named WiRE Woman of the Year

generation has received the 2021 WiRE Woman of the Year Award.

We are proud to present the first edition of the quarterly Women in Power Systems magazine: Building Networks.

Melissa Carmine-Zajac: Encouraging Learning and Growth

Melissa Carmine-Zajac is the Director of Laboratory Services for Doble Engineering Company and is based at the corporate headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts. A self-proclaimed “super nerd”, Melissa is passionate about all things science and knew from a young age that she wanted to be a scientist someday.