Thriving in Diversity: Power Technology Research

In this WPS company profile, we look at how PTR has built equal opportunity into its company culture and how mutual support and collaboration bring benefits to employees, as well as better business results.

Fighting for the Soldiers: Women in Trades

Power industry veteran Alan Ross shared his thoughts on the importance of supporting women in trade roles as a vital part of the future of energy.

Q&A: Cargill’s Women in Power

Cargill’s Women’s Network (CWN) has chapters all around the world with the purpose of empowering women by removing barriers, bias and enabling women to thrive.

WES offers MentorSET program to women in STEM

MentorSET is a mentoring scheme run by WES for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 

Women in Reliability and Asset Management: The Power of Diversity

Maura Abad, Global Relationship Leader at Reliabilityweb.com and Director of Women in Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM) shared her insights into the benefits that gender diversity provides for companies.

A Girl’s Perspective: PPG’s Women in Powder

A 5th-grader interviewed Courtney Jungjohann Deemer, Global Business Director, Automotive Parts and Accessories.

Siemens Energy announces the winners of #NiñasConEnergía

Siemens Energy and Epic Queen have started a collaborative initiative to inspire girls in STEM.

Q&A with Women in Renewable Energy — WiRE

Innovating Canada brings an inspiring Q&A about Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) whose mission is to advance the role and recognition of women working in the energy sector.

Women in Line Work

T&D World brings the stories of six women at different points in their careers and a shared love for line work.

Inspire, Encourage and Advocate: The Women Behind WPS

Women in Power Systems (WPS) is a community created by women for everyone in the power industry. The creative minds behind the initiative are three members of the WPS Steering Committee: the Chair, Rachel Linke, Member Services Manager for the Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA), Associate Editor for APC Media and Secretary for IEEE PES SmartGrid Marketing Working Group; Marina Cizmesija, WPS Editor in Chief, and Petra Curlin, WPS Communications and Projects Manager.