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We are proud to present the first edition of the quarterly Women in Power Systems magazine: Building Networks.

Following the introduction of Women in Power Systems through a special edition of the Transformer Technology magazine released on International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2021, our community has grown and we recognized the need to share our members’ stories and articles in a separate publication.

The new quarterly Women in Power Systems magazine will cover various topics of interest for women in the power sector: from different professions, balancing the private and the professional life and profiles of inspiring women with different backgrounds, to the analysis of the job market for women in the industry and the opportunities for the next generation.

The first edition, now available online, is dedicated to women’s organizations within the power industry. We hope that the networking of like-minded organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry will help us achieve our goal: a power industry where equity and collaboration are so natural that advocating for women is no longer necessary, where expert opinions are valued regardless of the expert’s gender, and where qualified individuals are welcome to take on the roles of their choice.

We would like to thank all of our members, collaborators, supporters and sponsors for contributing to this edition. The motivation behind it and our goals going forward are best expressed by our Editor in Chief Marina Cizmesija:

Dear Women, Dear Men, Dear Readers,

In my first letter to you as the Editor in Chief of the Women in Power Systems magazine, it will be very difficult to hide my excitement and utter joy over the publication of the inaugural edition of a unique magazine created to support, promote, and celebrate the role of women in the power industry. So, I won’t be hiding it!

Welcome to Women in Power Systems (WPS), a community that aims to support and advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion of women in the power industry, with all their values and flairs!

WPS was founded with the mission to facilitate connections and networking of women, regardless of their ranking, job position, or work experience, and to inspire and share stories that show women in all their roles, that will help other women and younger generations consider a career in the power industry.

It was founded by women for, but not only for women. Our goal is much broader than that and it involves raising awareness about the blessings and necessity of a synergy that surpasses gender and age differences, opening doors to supportive, inclusive, and creative collaborations and relationships between men and women, and older and younger generations in the workplace and beyond.

In the first edition, we bring a selection of interviews and profile stories of exceptional women in the industry who share their views, backgrounds and experience on the role and position of a woman in the power systems industry. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as we did, throughout the process. And the process showed that there is still a lot of insecurity and reluctance among many women to open themselves to interviews and sharing their unique experiences. Our aim is to help spread the word that the women out there support one another and the time to liberate all our voices is Now!

WPS provides a much-needed space for women to show their authentic self, thus inspiring other women in the industry to create a better balance between their professional career and personal life, and to allow themselves to celebrate and take all their unique talents, interests and experiences to their workplace as special gifts. The contribution that we make through our differences is invaluable.

In WPS, we want women to show all of their colors. And not only through interviews. I would like to invite all women who like to write to collaborate with us. We invite bloggers as well, and we want inspirational stories, not only about women who made it big, but stories that celebrate the importance of showing belief, expanding and erasing the boundaries, and stepping out of the comfort zone.

I would like to encourage all the amazing women out there – think about how much you can inspire, not only women, but also the men around you. We can help each other grow and expand. This is the gift that we all have, and I would like to see us all embrace it. If you would like to join us, write for us, or you have any comments to help us grow and become better at what we do, please contact us at

We welcome your thoughts, hearts, and your inclusion. Enjoy reading the magazine!

Marina Cizmesija

WPS magazine Editor in Chief

Download your free digital copy of Building Networks here.