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#EnergíaSinLímites: Developing Women’s Professional Skillset

#EnergíaSinLímites: Developing Women’s Professional Skillset

Source: Karina Yonemoto

Image Source: Siemens Energy

#EnergíaSinLímites (Unlimited Energy) is a program created as part of Siemens Energy focusing on supporting women’s professional skills.

The program includes six main pillars:

  • learning together
  • communications
  • mentoring
  • management
  • networking
  • workshops

Each pillar is led by an expert who develops a platform for women in the company and organizes different activities focused on the development of women’s skills. The goal of the program is to generate inclusion and to ensure that more women have the skillset they need to achieve their career plans.

The program is co-organized by Siemens Energy and i2Co, a school for creative leadership, design and innovation with the mission to inspire and accelerate leaders through transformational learning experiences. 

The leader of the program is Karina Yonemoto, financial controller at Order Management for Industrial Applications Division (Oil & Gas) of Siemens Energy for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

This week saw the completion of the first generation of leadership workshops. Armando Regil Velasco and Claudia Regil guided the participants for 6 month to develop key skills for the leadership of the future.

Karina Yonemoto commented: “I want to thank all our participants for the openness and trust they have generated, the ambassadors for the support in the program and the core team for all their effort and passion in all the planning.”