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Engineering needs more female talent: how do we get there?

Engineering needs more female talent: how do we get there?

Tackling the climate crisis is one of the challenges the profession can use to attract young women making their career choices.

Engineering has a reputation that desperately needs to change. Traditionally viewed as a very technical industry with a high barrier to entry, it’s perceived as difficult to break into, and it’s clear that there’s a lack of knowledge of what engineering is truly about.

A lot of the attention is focused on software engineering and data analysis, but engineering is more than just apps and coding. A broad range of hard and soft skills are required and anyone can find a niche for themselves. Problem-solving is a daily occurrence, and if you’re logical or good at multitasking, you’ll thrive as a traditional engineer. If you’re creative, then perhaps design engineering is for you. If you’re a strong communicator and enjoy presenting, you might be interested in sales engineering. There’s a whole range of paths, and women should not be afraid to explore the full breadth of careers. There’s a role that fits every skill set in engineering, and as an industry we need to get better at advertising that.

I’d advise any woman considering a career in engineering to be fearless and go for it., Maria Zagorulko

Educational institutions may have an important role, and they’re the key to attracting more female talent. We need to have an educational structure in place that offers young women exposure to all aspects of the sector. Engineering is a multifaceted industry and we should highlight all the opportunities available to girls as early as possible.

“Engineering is one of the most rewarding industries you can work in – especially if you are a big-picture person like me. If you want to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, the climate crisis presents a huge opportunity for you to get involved. Furthermore, the focus on energy transition has led to a myriad of new career paths opening up – something for everyone.” says Maria Zagorulko

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