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Siemens Energy hosts Girls with Energy Hackathon

Siemens Energy hosts Girls with Energy Hackathon

By Viviana Cruz
Senior Communication Specialist at Siemens Energy North America Hub

Siemens Energy hosted the first Girls with Energy Hackathon in Mexico in August 2021. Seventy girls aged between 12–18 years were invited, most of whom were daughters of Siemens Energy employees, stakeholders, or customers. 

The goal was to develop a product or service related to energy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) using learning games such as Kahoot and Skribbl. During the two days of the event, the participants developed and presented 37 initiatives, in which different vocations, talents and skills of digital programming and strategic planning were brought together, to materialize innovative proposals.

Additionally, the Hackathon implemented a dynamic to guide each participant in the design of their projects under a resilient approach method to develop a successful presentation model, in such a way that each team member found the key differentiators of their initiatives to highlight and communicate them.

“Breaking stereotypes and promoting talent from an early age must be one of the most important missions for the energy industry; At Siemens Energy, we are confident that these projects will forge the future, the hotbed of professionals where the future girl leaders of Mexico will be key to continue energizing the world.”

José Aparicio, Chief Executive Officer and President of Siemens Energy Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Of the 16 finalist projects, the winner was the one presented by the “Shazam” team made up of Giovanna Romero, Edna Estefanía Velázquez, Claudia Flores and Magaly Zuleika Salazar, who proposed the development of a web page called “Elena”, a heroine whose name it is derived from the acronym for Energy, Clean, Ecological, New and Alternative. This site will aim to combine the maker culture with a sustainable approach to get children between 12 and 16 years old to become familiar with the use of energy, design technological solutions to contribute to a sustainable life and prepare for the demands of future professions. 

The jury was made up of leaders from the energy and entrepreneurship sectors, as well as notables from the academic sector.

In the lead-up to the event, we held workshops on energy and climate, design thinking, Canvas, and presenting an elevator pitch. Female Siemens Energy employees acted as mentors and judges.

Source: Siemens Energy

Image credit: Siemens Energy