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Brenda Méndez: Leading by Example

Brenda Méndez: Leading by Example


As the Industrial Applications Director for Oil & Gas at Siemens Energy for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Brenda is a next generation leader who inspires by her example and advocates for equity in the workplace.

Brenda studied industrial engineering at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico (Tecnológico de Monterrey), graduating in 2008. She later specialized in strategic sales and management, completing her studies and professional training in 2019. 

Early on her professional journey she was a consultant on a logistics project  for Macropol; from there she continued to the Clorox Company, where she showed exceptional organizational and analytical skills and went from Maintenance Trainee to Progressive Maintenance Leader & Analyst in less than two years.

Brenda made the most significant move of her career by joining Siemens in 2010. Starting in Service Sales for the automotive sector and Having completed her Management Leadership Training, over the next ten years she successfully progressed from Service & Maintenance Contract Manager in the mining sector with one of the largest global customers to the leading positions at the departments of Customer Services in Energy Management, then as Sales & Marketing in Power Generation Services (Oil & Gas) and Business Unit Director for Transmission Solutions.

In 2016, she was recognized as one of the 30 young promises of Mexico by the business markets magazine Expansión.

Today, Brenda leads the Industrial applications division (Oil & Gas) of Siemens Energy Siemens Energy for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, is the first women to lead a Vertical Business in this region, using her voice as a successful and socially responsible leader to support the organization for equity in leadership positions, promoting gender diversity and to be one of the sponsors of the #EnergíaSinLímites program based on diversity and inclusion within the company; – American Women Leaders, and initiatives for empowerment of women in the workplace, such as Google’s #IamRemarkable.

Source: LinkedIn (Brenda Méndez)

Image source: Brenda Méndez