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Cattie Liang: Commercial Director – Power Systems, China at Cargill

Cattie Liang: Commercial Director – Power Systems, China at Cargill

Cattie Liang is the Commercial Director of Power Systems overseeing the China FR3® fluid team at Cargill. Cargill’s FR3 fluid, derived from over 95% vegetable oil, is the original, most tested natural ester in the world. FR3 fluid outperforms mineral oil in overall cost savings, grid resiliency, transformer performance and fire safety, providing a better way to power how our communities live, play, work and thrive.

In her extensive 15-year career in the energy industry across Denmark and China, Cattie has passionately advocated for clean and green energy solutions and products. Having worked in wind turbine manufacturers and energy consulting firms, she has played a pivotal role in advancing clean energy and providing advisory to power industry investors. Cattie’s expertise spans across supply chain management, strategies, and business development. Now leading the commercial team in China, Cattie is dedicated to propelling FR3 fluid to the China power market.

Drawing from her experiences in the power and energy industries, Cattie recognizes the vital role women can play and the great achievements women can potentially make in the power systems industry.

Aligned with China’s 2060 Carbon Neutrality policy, Cattie firmly advocates for natural easter over mineral oil. Her leadership aims to expend natural ester application in solar and wind markets in China, contributing to the nation’s commitment in renewable energy, as well as paving the way to prove women’s power in power systems. Cattie studied in Denmark and holds a MSc in Economics and Business Administration.