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Karina Yonemoto: Advancing Female Leadership

Karina Yonemoto: Advancing Female Leadership

A great believer in the power of attitude and leadership based on creativity, sensitivity, and empathy. Karina is a financial controller at the Order Management for Industrial Applications Division (Oil & Gas) of Siemens Energy for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. She leads #EnergíaSinLímites (Unlimited Energy), the company’s program for developing cutting-edge leadership.

Karina studied Economics at the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) and graduated in Finance and Accounting from the Instituto Tecnologico Aútonomo de México (ITAM).

She started her journey with Siemens in 2011, gaining experience as a trainee and later focusing on finances, particularly planning and reporting. Working in divisions such as Healthcare Diagnostics, she provided critical information to top management for business decision-making and was nominated to participate in Siemens’ 5th “Top Challenge” internal program for the development of a project to improve the company performance.

In 2018 she was part of the Power Generation Service controlling group with major government and private company projects to supply electricity to Mexico’s homes.

Since February 2020, Karina has taken over the position of financial controller at Order Management for Industrial Applications Division (Oil & Gas).

She is currently leading the #EnergíaSinLímites program at Siemens Energy which fosters inclusion and diversity. The program promotes a multidisciplinary environment, driving growth, purpose, and a versatile mindset for all collaborators.

Karina believes that the future of the business world calls for female talent as the main cornerstone. #EnergíaSinLímites is envisioned as an accelerator of equal opportunities for women, developing disruptive leadership.

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