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Siemens Energy announces the winners of #NiñasConEnergía

Siemens Energy announces the winners of #NiñasConEnergía

Source: Siemens Energy

Image Source: Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy and Epic Queen have started a collaborative initiative to inspire girls in STEM.

On October 8, 2021, Siemens Energy in Mexico announced the winners of #NiñasConEnergía, an initiative the company launched in collaboration with Epic Queen to inspire girls in STEM. Epic Queen is a YouTube channel committed to supporting girls and women in STEM and inspiring them to create technology and use it to realize their dreams.

The three main messages of the #NiñasConEnergía initiative were:  

  1. Girls can choose any profession they like
  2. Girls are already working for a more sustainable planet for their future
  3. Girls are brave, resilient and powerful

Viviana Cruz, Head of Communications at Siemens Energy for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, expressed support for the brilliant young girls and her enthusiasm about the initiative: « I want to know more about them and their future in energy and I greatly admire them, » Cruz said in a media release.

Watch the Hackathon 2021 Niñas con Energía on the Epic Queen YouTube channel