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Thriving in Diversity: Power Technology Research

Thriving in Diversity: Power Technology Research

Power Technology Research (PTR) is a specialized market research consultancy focusing on areas within Power Technology and Industrial Automation. In this Women in Power Systems company profile, we look at how PTR has built equal opportunity into its company culture and how mutual support and collaboration bring benefits to employees, as well as better business results.

Power Technology Research (PTR) was formed with the aim to provide world-class power grid and new energy sector market analysis based on a transparent and flexible methodology. The company is recognized among its staff and employees for placing high importance on supporting and fostering the culture of inclusion, diversity, collaboration and gender equality across its operational and management teams.

The thing that struck me the most during my initial days in the company was the highly collaborative atmosphere among the colleagues. Sharing knowledge and if needed taking time out to upskill other team members was an amazing aspect of the team.

Efra Usmani
Team Lead and Project Manager of the E-Mobility Department at PTR
Photo credit: PTR
Photo credit: PTR

The number of male and female researchers and engineers in the research team as well as in leadership positions in the company is almost equal. Feeling supported by having equal opportunities to advance in their career creates a working environment where all employees are motivated to work and perform to their full capacity, which benefits equally the personal growth of the employees and the growth of the company as a whole.

PTR unlike other corporate offices provides a very safe environment for learning and growing. The diverse nature of the office provides an opportunity to work with and under people who are leading teams on bases of capability rather than any biases.

Roha Junaid
Graphic Designer at PTR

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